We provide information technology solutions, customized monitoring and evaluation solutions to government, commercial and non-profit clients. We can make you the most satisfied customer in the world through our solutions, remember we make the job easier and hassle free for you. Our clients continually testify to our excellent customer service. Your satisfaction is our pride. Outlined below are some of our solutions which range from development to equipment procurement.

Monitoring and Evaluation solutions Web Application Development 

  • Internet and Intranet applications
  • Application integration
  • System analysis and design
  • Multimedia
  • User Training
Monitoring and Evaluation solutions Web Design 

  • Graphics
  • Static and dynamic page setup
  • Flash and flash remoting
Monitoring and Evaluation solutions Web hosting and E mail Services 

  • Domain name service
  • E mail service
  • Outlook/webmail configuration and setup
Monitoring and Evaluation solutions Cloud Services 

  • Design and Development in the Cloud space
  • DevOps
  • deployment of Cloud Resources
  • Manage Cloud Digital properties
Monitoring and Evaluation solutions Database Development and Integration 

  • SQL server setup and coding
  • Oracle server setup and coding
  • MS access
  • Datasource configuration
Monitoring and Evaluation solutions IT Procurement 

  • Laptop and desktop computers
  • Audio-visual, teaching aids and general equipment supplies
  • Computer peripherals (USB hard drives, scanners…)
  • Telecoms and Communications equipment
  • Software & third party applications
  • Personal digital assistants
Monitoring and Evaluation solutions Network Solutions 

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Network Engineering
  • Internet Services
  • LAN/WAN/VLAN Services
  • Help Desk Operations
  • End User Training
  • Routing Access Service (RRAS).
Monitoring and Evaluation solutions Information Security 

  • Determine system security threats, vulnerabilities, and potential losses
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative assessments that present risk remediation strategies based on return on investment
  • Review agency-level risk assessment to determine compliance with department-level guidance
  • Work with senior managers to bring risks to an acceptable level
  • Prepare agency for certification and accreditation
  • Provide supporting documentation in compliance with DITSCAP and NSA
  • Policy Development – Review plans and policies for compliance with organization and National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) guidance and standards, GISRA, OMB A-130 and FIPS.
  • Provide suggestions for bringing plans into compliance
  • Distribute policies
  • Ensure environments have been configured to conform to policies
  • Generate accountability reports to demonstrate policy compliance
  • Develop System Security Plans for General Support Systems and Security Application Plans Major Support Systems.